Why Choose a Dentist?

Because of the nature of our work, our dentist and team are often in the unique position of being one of the first to identify a potential breathing disorder. The mouth is the beginning of the airway, which allows us to have a front-row seat to its functions and helps us identify potential issues.

Though Dr. Suneet S. Bath cannot diagnose sleep apnea or other sleep disordered breathing, he has had extensive training and continues his education to provide the best possible care. Our practice collaborates closely with licensed medical physicians and ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialists in our community to help screen for potential sleep and breathing disorders.

We offer take-home sleep tests as part of our screening process and may even refer our patients to a sleep center for a sleep study. Once a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea by a physician, Impressions Sleep and Wellness Center can offer treatment and different oral appliances to help treat the disorder.

Since sleep apnea is classified as a medical condition, rather than a dental one, our office also works with medical insurances to help provide affordable care.

As always, if you have questions for our team about our treatments or services for sleep apnea in Olympia, Washington, contact us at 360-493-1866 or schedule a free consultation with us.

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