Sleep Screening

If you find yourself experiencing unusual drowsiness or having a headache after waking up, you may have a form of sleep disordered breathing like sleep apnea. Impressions Sleep and Wellness Center offers a take-home sleep kit to monitor your breathing and screen you for sleep apnea, as well as opportunities to participate in sleep studies at our local sleep centers.

Our simple and easy sleep kit is a cost-effective way of testing if you have a sleep disorder caused by troubled breathing. While it does not deliver the full results of an overnight sleep study, it does track your breathing and oxygen levels, as well as the effort it takes to breathe while worn over night.

These home sleep tests must be prescribed by a doctor and are a convenient way to monitor your breathing patterns. These home sleep tests usually only require one night to complete and take place in the comfort of your own home for the most natural results.

Because we do not diagnose sleep apnea, Dr. Suneet S. Bath collaborates closely with medical professionals in our area and may refer you to a sleep study for more accurate diagnosis.

We invite you to learn more about our home sleep tests for sleep disordered breathing or sleep apnea in Olympia, Washington, and to contact us today at 360-493-1866 if you are interested in attending a sleep study. We also offer free consultations if you prefer a one-on-one appointment.

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